Bathrooms: A Cost Effective Remodel

Bathrooms: A Cost Effective RemodelWhile most home remodeling projects will add resale value to your house, there are some projects that can do so much more. Remodeling a bathroom provides the opportunity to create some great benefits for the home, even outside the bathroom walls. Depending on your goals for your home, whether you plan on staying for a long time and want to give it a complete makeover, or if you're conducting a remodel project before placing your house on the market, a bathroom remodel is a wonderful place to start. Here are four great benefits of bathroom remodeling.

Enhanced Mobility

If you live in a home that you plan on staying in for years and years it is smart to create a comfortable bathroom to age with as well. Consider installing wider doorways and a walk-in bathtub to ensure a safe and functional bathroom for your golden years. These features will also be attractive to people looking to buy a home they plan on spending many years in.

Latest Technology

A bathroom remodel can be much more than new floors and cabinets. This is your opportunity to install the latest in water and money saving technology. Low flow toilets and shower heads will help lower your bills, while still providing all the necessary amenities. And hey, why not add a TV to your bathroom mirror? Oh, the possibilities.

Updated Look

Likely the reason many people tackle any remodel is to give their home an updated look. Bathrooms are no different, as styles come and go. With the help of a professional design team you can create a bathroom that will be beautiful for ages. There are plenty of materials that continue to look great decades after installation.

Increased Home Value

Bathroom remodels are often much less expensive than kitchen redos or room additions, but can increase a home's value by quite a bit, depending on the depth of the project. If you can budget for just one project, a bathroom remodel is a great way to add value at a lower cost.

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