4 Great Window Treatments for your Home

Windows are a focal point in almost any room in any house. This means that you should be dressing them up to match your home's interior decor. There are many, many different ways to brighten a room, but some styles simply work better than others when trying to accomplish a particular look. These are 4 popular styles, but be sure to ask your local interior decor and window treatment experts what may work best with your home's design.

Tie Up Shades

A simple and beautiful way to dress up your windows is through the use of tie up shades. In this type of window treatment the shade is a flat piece of fabric that hangs from the top of the window. Using matching rope or skinny pieces of fabric wrapped around the mounting bar at the top, tie the shades off in the center or in two spots off to the sides, depending on the size of the shade and the desired effect.


A valance is a small piece of fabric that hangs across the top of a window. It is designed to add color and pattern, as well as softness, to an part of the home that is often referred to as a hard architectural element. While valances are purely for decoration they can help pull a room's style together. A valance can be completed in a variety of styles, including box pleated valances, and they can be hung in many different ways.


A swag can be thought of as a scarf wrapped elegantly around someone's neck. It is a simple piece of fabric that is hung by wrapping over posts or hooks on the upper corners of the windows and allowed to fall at the ends. It is incredibly simple, yet it creates an elegant look for any room.

Roman Shades

If you are searching for a more luxury look that doesn't include excessive flowing fabric, a Roman shade may be in your best interest. When they are closed the shade appears as a flat fabric panel, yet when they are raised it falls as horizontal folds that provide a unique but clean appearance.

Window treatments are a sure fire way to add some beauty and draw to a room. At FloorEver Interiors we specialize in window treatments, blinds and drapery. As a Hunter Douglas dealer in Chandler you can rest assured we can come up with the perfect look for your house. We offer many extensive home improvement products and services, including flooring, counters and cabinets! Give us a call at (480) 339-0107 to talk with our friendly staff about interior design in Chandler and the neighboring areas.

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Written By Brian Corey

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