How to Choose the Right Window Treatments

How to Choose the Right Window TreatmentsWhen it comes to covering up the windows there is no shortage of options! So how do you decide if blinds are better than drapes, or any other window treatment for that matter? It can be difficult, but it all comes down to three things. Style, lighting and privacy. Here is a rundown of a few popular window treatments to help you get started on your interior design project.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are great as they generally just cover the bottom portion of the window while still letting light in. They are ideal for bathroom where privacy is a must! They are also great for trapping heat in the room thanks to their honeycomb design!

Semi-sheer Window Treatments

Semi-sheer treatments are excellent when it comes to style. Available in many designs and styles, these light allowing treatments are perfect for common areas such as living rooms or family rooms.


Floor to window draperies are beautiful and light positive. They are perfect for bedroom in which privacy is necessary but light is required.

Roll Shades

Roll shades are simple to operate and provide a very clean look when they are up or down. Available in a variety of colors and patterns there is sure to be a roller shade that suits your needs.


You may think of shutters as something that goes on the outside of the window, but they can also be used as an interior design piece that is very functional.

Blackout Curtains

Do you crave the total darkness? Perhaps you work the night shift? A dense fabric may be just what you need to prevent any light from getting into the room. These too are available in many styles and colors, not just black!

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