Quick Tips for Bright Interior Decor

Quick Tips for Bright Interior DecorDoes it seem like your living room, kitchen or bathroom doesn't give the bright vibe the rest of your house does? Are you tired of the dark cabinets that have seen better days? Does your kitchen look like it was born in the 1980s with black appliances and brown linoleum floors? Sounds like it is time for an upgrade! Whether you want to do a complete kitchen remodel or just jazz up a specific room, use these tips to help it be rich with light!

Light Color Scheme

What colors are attractive to you and what style do you want the designated room to offer? Using soft tans, creamy whites and mellow yellows will definitely enhance the reflectiveness of light within your home. In the kitchen consider white cabinets with a darker trim, as the white will reflect light giving your kitchen a larger feel. If you prefer wood cabinetry consider a light colored oak matched with marble countertops for a timeless feel that will brighten the space.


Consider what you match with your shirt or dress. Watches, purses and even sunglasses can all change the appearance of an outfit. The same goes when decorating a room. Use lamps and light colored art that can reflect light to brighten up the room. These days it is popular to use vintage items as decorative pieces. Antique kitchen gear such as pots and pans, spatulas and aprons all make great decor in any kitchen and produce excellent conversation with guests.

Creative Lighting

One of the most important parts of any room is how it is lit. There are so many options when it comes to lighting. Canned lighting or hanging light fixtures both provide great source light but two very different looks. A popular choice for kitchen lighting is to hang lights at different height over open counter space, islands or in the middle of an open area. The same effect can be used over bathroom sinks, corners of living areas and as bedroom lighting. Consider using under cabinet lighting to brighten up these areas and create more usable space.

The Perfect Flooring

When it comes to brightening up a room the choice of flooring is extremely important. There's no shortage of options either. Of course, depending on which room you're re-doing you'll want to stray away from certain types. Bathrooms and kitchens are perfect for light colored tile flooring or a cool hardwood. In a living room a soft white carpet could be the way to go!

As you consider your options for redecorating, think about the possibilities of remodeling the bathroom, kitchen, dining room or your own bedroom. At FloorEver Interiors our expert interior decorators in Chandler would love to assist in your home improvement project. Not only can we assist with the design, we will be able to provide much of the materials, including flooring, cabinets, counters and so much more. To learn more about our home improvement store in Chandler stop by or give us a call at (480) 339-0107 today.

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Written By Brian Corey

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